Estate Services

Marshall Auctions is honored to have represented hundreds of Estate clients in the sale or disposition of Real and Personal Property assets. For generations, our auctioneers have provided professional, worry-free property solutions for those with estate, guardian, trustee, living estate, & power of attorney responsibilities.

  • On-site Auctions - Real Estate and Personal Property sold on-site.
  • Off-site Auctions – Real Estate sold on-site, personal property combined with other estates or consignments and sold at our auction facility where estate auctions are conducted nearly every two weeks.
  • Private Treaty Sales/Outright sales – Facilitation of private sale on a consignment basis through our network of private clientele, collectors, institutions and prominent dealers. We may also be able to offer an outright purchase of the estate.


Following an initial consultation to review and discuss the real estate and personal property holdings, our staff will proceed to handle all of the details. While the thought of handling massive amounts of belongings & the worries of maintaining another residence may seem daunting, stressful, and costly, it is a welcome challenge and a structured routine for our experienced staff. If you feel like you do not know where to start, just call Marshall Auctions and we?ll handle the rest!

  • Consultation – We evaluate your property, decide if an auction is an appropriate method, and develop a marketing strategy. (Note: Do not throw anything away. Many valuables go to the dump everyday because people do not realize their value. Remember, “One person’s trash is another?s treasure.”)
  • Set a Date – An appropriate date is set for the auction.
  • Inventory – Items are dutifully inspected, and an accurate inventory is prepared to be used for advertising and estate documentation.
  • Packing / Preparation – Depending on whether the sale will be held on-site or off-site, our staff will prepare, pack and transport all saleable items. Certain items will be cleaned or possibly repaired if significant additional value may be obtained. All items will be sorted and carefully displayed for the sale. Offsite items will be securely stored in our 8,000 sq. ft. auction facility.
  • Clean-Out – Our staff can assist with additional clean-out and disposal of nonsaleable items at your request eliminating the need for more phone calls or back-breaking work.
  • Marketing Campaign – Extensive advertising specifically designed for your property begins immediately.
  • Auction Day – Sit back and relax! Our professional team of Auctioneers, bid assistants and office staff will attend to every detail. We are fully computerized to keep things moving along from registration to check out.
  • Settlement – After your auction, you will receive a complete auction settlement packet including itemization of sales, commission, expenses (i.e. advertising, labor, misc.) and of course, your check! Our mobile office and wireless computer systems are fast and accurate. Cellular credit card terminals attract more bidders and increase spending.

Selling by the auction method is fast becoming the method of first choice among leading trust and estate officers, who successfully have used the auction process to sell a variety of assets. As a result, their accounts have reaped the rewards from one of the most thorough, professionally developed and executed marketing procedures available. Auctions utilize a high-visibility advertising and promotional campaign combined with the excitement of competitive bidding to achieve the highest possible sale price within a defined time frame. An auction represents the purest form of supply and demand, as it exhibits just how much the public is willing to pay. This process not only produces the highest results, but it has also been upheld by the courts as the process that most fairly determines a particular property’s true market value. In other words, the trust officers who use this arms-length process can be confident that they have met their fiduciary responsibility of obtaining the best price for their property. 


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